General Information

The aim of the establishment of the Center Research Laboratory Application and Research Center,

  • To provide coordination between the existing scientific and strategic research laboratories, research and application centers and similar units within the university, to ensure the R & D facilities to be opened to the common use between the units and to ensure their effective use,
  • To provide support to basic, applied and interdisciplinary scientific research studies within the university by providing analysis, testing and measurement infrastructure and service, and also to create new R & D areas by hosting private / strategic projects,
  • Continuously monitoring technological developments and ensuring that the devices in the laboratory are deployed in accordance with the conditions of the day and increasing the potential of the university's project execution,
  • To respond to the demands of the sector by cooperating with local, regional and national industrial organizations and other private and public institutions, and to contribute to the needy by means of testing, analysis and measurement services to solve the problems,
  • It is determined to promote national and international cooperation, to strengthen university-industry cooperation and to accelerate the transfer of viable results to industry.

Our center has completed the restructuring works with the research infrastructure project No. 2011K120270 supported by the Ministry of Development and was put into service in February 2016.

In the center; Electron Microscopy (Kryo-TEM, TEM FE-SEM and SEM) Unit, NMR Spectroscopy Unit, Raman Spectroscopy Unit, Molecular Spectroscopy Analysis (FT-IR, UV-VIS / NIR, Fluorescence Spectrum) Unit, X-Ray Analysis (XRD) and XRF) Unit, Elemental Analysis (ICP-MS and CHNS / O Analyzer) Unit, Thermal Characterization (STA, DSC and DMA) Unit, Chromatography Laboratory (LC-MS / MS, GC-MS, HPLC) and Advanced Microscopy Analysis Unit test and analysis services are provided. In addition, the Cell Culture Laboratory provides service and infrastructure to relevant researchers.

There are 2 faculty members, 3 expert biologists, 2 expert chemists, 2 expert physicists, 1 expert materials engineer, 1 research assistant, biostatistics and 3 official, 2 technicians and 1 employee.