Sample Admission Requirements

ARUM Experiment - Test - Analysis Service Agreement

  • Experiment - Test - Analysis (DTA) according to the requirements of the sampling process belongs to the customer.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to transport, pack and maintain the sample within the period from the time of acceptance to the ARUM. ARUM cannot be held responsible for the DTA results.
  • ARUM does not accept the application of samples which do not comply with the sample acceptance criteria.
  • The customer must encode and sort the samples starting from 01. Samples should be overwritten so that coding is not deleted.
  • In order for the applications to be accepted, the DTA Request Form must be filled in completely and signed by the authorized person.
  • By filling and signing the DTA Request Form, the customer agrees that the sample submitted for DTA (if any) will be responsible for human and environmental health and, if not, be responsible for any non-conformities.
  • The list of DTA and its fees, sample acceptance criteria and payment terms are published in detail on the website (
  • Declared DTA times are estimated times and ARUM shall not be liable for any delays due to non-occurrence reasons. In case of deviation from the commitments, the customer shall be informed in writing or orally.
  • In appointments with customer appointments; the appointment will be ready in the laboratory indicated on time, at least one day in advance if it is not ready for compulsory reasons, otherwise undertakes to pay the DTA fee.
  • The samples returned by the customer are returned with the result report. These samples are sent to waste if not received within fifteen days. Once the DTA procedures are completed, the samples that can be stored are stored for three months at the appropriate conditions, unless otherwise specified by the customer.
  • All kinds of cargo costs belong to the customer.
  • The DTA and the service fee are not issued without a proof of the payment of the document to ARUM.
  • If the DTA results are used in a scientific publication, it should be stated that this test test or analysis is done by ESOGÜ Central Research Laboratory Application and Research Center.
  • The Client undertakes not to use the DTA results only if it belongs to the test, test and / or analysis of the sample, not to be used for a commercial purpose and not to use the name of ESOGÜ in the advertisements and / or to confirm that the product has been approved by ESOGÜ.
  • A DTA report is issued at the end of each DTA. Additional reports and different result formats are subject to additional charges.
  • In case of the same results in the DTA repeats made in case of customer's objection to the DTA results, the full service fee is collected from the customer.
  • SANTEZ, KOSGEB, BAP, EU, TUBITAK etc. which are demanded for ARTA. The content, duration and DTA information of the projects carried out are not known and followed by ARUM. The legal and penal responsibility for testing, testing and / or analysis requested by ARUM in the relevant Request Form and / or in the payment documents shall be borne by the project manager and the customers.
  • The use of expired project fees, the DTA other than the DTA specified in the project or the request of DTA as the project is covered and the legal and criminal responsibilities that may arise if the contents of the invoice to be taken from the DTA and the ESOGÜ Revolving Fund are different from each other. to customers.
  • Eskişehir Courts are authorized in case of disputes.